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Studnie głębinowe Dukla

Jesteśmy firma wiertniczą, której tradycje sięgają początku lat dziewięćdziesiątych. Dzięki bogatemu doświadczeniu, oraz pełnym kwalifikacjom w branży wiertniczej, jesteśmy zdolni wykonać kompleksowe usługi studniarskie, nawet w najtrudniejszych warunkach terenowych Proces wiertniczy, wykonujemy technologią prawego obiegu płuczki wiertniczej, lub przy zastosowaniu technologii dolnego młotka, oraz kompresora.

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Free GPS Tracking

SpySat is a comprehensive system for real-time geo-location via GPS and the Internet.With SpySat is possible to track any object on the globe and display its location on a digital map available on our site. From today you can record the location of any moving objects: vehicles, people, animals, etc.

Supported by many smartphone and tables manufacturers:

Samsung HTC Motorola

Mobile blog for Android

This is 100% free mobile blog for Google Android devices with photo and geolocation tagging. Taplic - share your story, just tap and make it public.

With Taplic and your Android Mobile you can easy public your thougts, picutres and share with your friends !

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Free CCTV solution

We proudly present you a innovate security monitoring solution for both home and office applications. The idea of this system is to provide secure and efficient video monitoring solution with a minimal cost thanks to using PC computers and mobile devices that you are using in your everyday life. System that you can build by yourself is not relieved professional solutions offered by specialist firms.

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Car Tracking

We proudly present our newest product - software for tracking your car in case of theft or unauthorized use. It works on all phones, smartphones and tablets with integrated GPS transmitter and running Android. You can protect more exclusive brands like BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Ferrari, Peugeot, Fiat. Protection is possible while maintaining the warranty period, because the installation of the system is done in a simple and non-invasive way. We recommend to all who want to increase the security of your car. This is the easiest and also the cheapest way of collateral.

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Inventors and new technology blog

We invite you to read the articles on the blog dedicated to inventions and new technologies. In a concise and accessible way is a summary of the most interesting inventions and technology ideas. Our mission is to offer interesting technologies and recall the most interesting recent inventions. It's a great place to expand your knowledge and learn about the latest technologies. You will learn here the things which are not mentioned anywhere else.

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Smartphone Solutions

Viewing software for your smartphone running Google Android, which will allow you to create a comprehensive platform for controlling elements of the home so that you will become the owner of the so-called Smarthouse. No matter whether you have ONE HTC, Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy i7500, Behold II, Galaxy i5700, i9000 Omnia, Galaxy S, Infuse 4G and other smartphones -'s important to have a system Google Android. After a quick and easy installation of software dealing little and integration of components and modules to connect the individual elements of the house we can control the elements. You can control doors, windows, shutters, garage doors, gate, lights, irrigation and heating system.

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